A New Season

Bob Loukas

Bob Loukas

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If you like these videos, all i ask is that you share them everywhere on social media! My ONLY involvement with outside sites/services are found here - 🤍linktr.ee/bobloukas Anything else is a scam!

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A New Season
A New Season
A New Season
A New Season
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2023-07-08 18:57:48

Thanks bob you a legend 🤜

2023-07-03 11:22:13

To summarize: no more lows, buy now if you haven’t already.

2023-07-02 22:02:57

Gold advice Sir!

2023-06-12 15:59:24

new video please :D

2023-05-08 14:41:26

what you recommend for long term (retirement) investment?

2023-04-24 07:49:23

You sound like Cristopher Walken

2023-04-18 03:02:08

Bob Loukas brought the Bull Market back with his last video

2023-04-16 09:49:06

"Sell that position". For what? Dollars? NGMI

2023-04-15 13:04:00

I was DCAing the bottom at 4$ an hour during that bottom.

2023-04-13 17:20:42

Suddenly reached here today when trying to search about BTC analysis. I regret not to find it before... just amazing

2023-04-12 22:21:24

Bob. Please more videos.

2023-04-12 11:52:35

Bob have been a subscriber for more than a year big fan….. can u also share how to store your assets safely I am in Melbourne

2023-04-11 21:09:20

Another great video Bob thank you so much. I have a question, when you mentioned a possible left translated cycle top in 12 to 15 months were you thinking from the bottom or from today?

2023-04-11 05:01:35

Thanks again Bob. I hit big on that gold call for March.

2023-04-10 13:22:40

Do come back with great content such as this more often, we really don't mind the repetition. Tk Bob

2023-04-10 09:47:18

I think there will be a buying opportunity when rates are being cut. This is just a pre move.

2023-04-08 12:43:08

This guy rekt alot of people with stupid bullshit prices last cycle

2023-04-07 08:06:38

Thank you for your continued effort and insights Bob. You are very generous to provide this content for free and I really appreciate it. Have a wonderful day.

2023-04-06 18:48:07

Do I DCA in over a period or just put my full money into BTC in one go?

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